Someone said an issue on who is better

Someone said an issue on who is better, NIF Neymar or SIF Konoplyanka in a community forum. The information are he has no issues getting production from his wingers normally, so he doesn’t know if I'm just not using him right or what but he's not producing nearly as much as Bale is on lack of. And i will talk about about my ideas and talk about some other views in this informative article today.My own whaterience, i always be struggling to generate in


FIFA 16 with NIF Neymar. He carry me 3 objectives and 2 aids in 14 activities. I also have fun with SIF Konoplyanka for a while. For me, Neymar is better. He is the best player except for Messi and Ronaldo. I conducted him up top and i think he can engage in well in that way. No contact dribbling a basketball help a lot, at one time i choose McGeady,Spin,


Body Feints and soccer move film. Neymar is nimble and he is used to dribbling a basketball, so almost the defenders can’t quit him. To execute no contact dribbling a basketball, i media LB key and choose a route, so that my player can get a quantity increase. Keep under consideration, when you want to provide a soccer to your player, you need to ensure he is in a wonderful position.And you shouldn’t provide it with him standing still, as that is when he is most vulnerable due to his durability.On the contrary,

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